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House of Woodward (H.o.W.) Workshops are learning events which focus on the creative and artistic expression of designers as needed in the field of Interior Design.  H.o.W. Workshops offer various drawing and design skills to designers and their studio staff to help improve visual communication skills to provide clients services with confidence while increasing revenue.


H.o.W. Workshops are fast and furious 3-day to 4 day courses that explore:

  •        Increasing your creativity and drawing skills to market your services

  •         Enhancing visual communication design services

  •         In-house studio training

  •         Securing the job

  •         Returning revenue on services


Holly Woodward has over 13 years of extensive knowledge and experience in curriculum development, creative direction, and adult education.  She is an expert in the art of presentation and has used her love for teaching to train over a hundred students, prospective business owners and designers to develop their design potential through made-to-order courses that focus on utilizing drawing techniques to increase revenue. She has worked with established designers, builders, and real estate developers to conceive furnishings, textiles, architectural drawings, modeling, and presentations. 

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