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How it Works:

E-Design is a great option for those clients who enjoy tackling projects on their own time and budget, but need the assistance of a professional interior designer.  E-design is ideal for those who are:


  •  Designing one room at a time

  • Internet savvy & enjoy shopping

  • Hold a strong vision but need an additional eye to pull the look together

  • Don't mind coordinating details and installation

If this sounds like you, Holly and her studio will help you design the space you envision using existing pieces and new selections from your favorite stores to create a design that is cohesive and customized to fit you your individualized style and needs.  E-Design is an affordable and fun option to having a designer look without the full service price tag.  Each design comes with a:

To-Do List

A comprehensive plan on the order of completing each task


A floorplan that is spaced to your room's specific dimensions.  Your room will be carefully thought out to analyze the best use of space and function based upon your lifestyle and requirements.  The plan includes furniture and accessory placement to ensure a successful install.

Look Book

A stylized Look Book complete with images of items, their placements, and a shopping guide showing you can purchase based up your location and store you like to shop via the internet.  Each look book comes with fabric and paint samples to coordinate the colors and patterns for the space.

3d Drawing of the Room

Each design comes with one 3d realistic drawing showcasing what the finalized interior will look like.

Style Guide

Chocked full of design advice and tips to make your space style-forward

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